Hi, I'm Liv :) I'm 18 & from Toronto.

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  • I think I'm falling in love but the boy I'm falling for has a player womanizer reputation/history. Advice? :/

    Asked by Anonymous

    In the past i have fallen for guys like that too. With one in particular i really liked him and i REALLY liked the chase but it was all games. And he wasnt worth it, we just liked playing with each other & feeling so wanted but at a certain point i realized i would never want an actual relationship with him. You have to think a lot and try to imagine yourself in a real exclusive relationship with him and think like if it would work and if you could actually trust him. follow your heart but also your mind!! Trust your instincts babe. And remember that every heartbreak leads u to someone who is truly right for you 💘

    how did you get the "happy birthday" writing on your photos?

    Asked by Anonymous

    Those disposable pics with the writing on them are from a disposable camera with the writing already on the film :) u can get them at urban outfitters

    hey i love your blog. your friends look super cool. Who's the girl who wore the same prom dress as you? she's gorgeous.

    Asked by Anonymous

    Thats my baby love anya

    you have a beautiful face, and a beautiful voice :) you'll go places for sure

    Asked by Anonymous

    thats very sweet! i’m not pursuing music or anythin though, i’m not that good aha

    hi so I love your blog so so much I've been following you for ages haha and I just wanted to ask about the photos from parties you have on your pictures tag, what film stock do you use or if they're digital then what effect? also just ilysm your blog is perf and you and mark look so adorable together xoxo

    Asked by ruvayao

    almost all of them are disposable cameras! you can get them at drug stores and wal-mart and places like that! aww you’re so sweet!!! <3 <3 much love my dear :*

    Lol im waiting outside my work downtown and the hottest guy leaned out his car from across the street and asked how old I was and when I said 18 he was like “come for a drive”

    His truck was so nice tho I considered jumping in and stealing it????? Just cause you’re a hot guy doesn’t mean i’m gonna be sweet, bc it was a niiiice matte black truck like lemme get some of that

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